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Read User Guidelines

Things to consider before driving a vehicle.

Be aware of Height & Width of the Vehicle

The rented vehicle's height and width may be different from a car you drive everyday, Please be careful until you get accustomed to the new height and width of the vehicle.

Keep to the Speed limit

DO not overspeed. It will cause serious accident. Typical speed limits are 80km/h to 100km/h on expressways and 30km/h to 60km/h on local roads. It is extremely dangerous to change lanes abruptly. When you change lanes, make sure to signal and check your rear view mirror.

Take a break for Safe and comfortable driving

Driving while drowsy can cause a severe traffic accidents. To avoid traffic accident caused by drowsy driving, please take a break at the designated rest areas. It is also recommended to plan your time schedule considering the traffic congestion.

Safety seats for children

Children under 6 years old must be seated in child seats. This rule is strictly implemented by the law.

No cell phone while driving

Using cell phones while driving is very dangerous and strictly forbidden by the law. Please park your vehicle at a safe place and use the cell phone.

Park only in permitted areas

Illegal parking is strictly prohibited and a fine will be imposed if done so. Be sure that you park your car only in permitted area.