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Toyota Aqua

  Per Day Rate Total
for 1 week 8200/= 57400/=
for 2 weeks 7500/= 105000/=
for 3 weeks 6500/= 136500/=
for 1 month 5750/= 172500/=
Per Month Rate
for 3 months 5000/= 150000/=
Per Month Rate
for 6 months & Over 4900/= 147000/=
Per Month Rate

Above rentals will be higher for foreigners with extra commitments.


0777518777 Hotline

0778484626 AFL Officer 1

0768185942 AFL Officer 2

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5 Seats





Standard rates are only for 100km

These rates are not valid for foreigners.

Above-given rates can be changed (increase or decrease) from customer to customer due to high demand specially in seasons, availability, features, grade, model year, mileage usage, risk assessment etc.

We maintain floating rates in sessional months so above rates can be changed accordingly Also an advance is not refunded upon prior cancelation by customer.

Fleet specifications


Air conditioning

Automatic Shift

4 Doors

5 Seats

2 Suitcase & 4 Bags

Air Baloons

Fuel type: Hybrid


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Recommended Extra Services

Baby Car Seat


Need a Driver


Unlimited Kilometers


Base on your requirement, We can arrange Kilometers packages Ex: 500, 1000 and unlimited etc.


Surfing Board


Mountain Bike


Mountain Bike Rack


Water Jet hire


Are You?


Your Total Price

Dear valued customer, This is a tentative booking once u complete the booking accordingly an officer from Asia Fleet will contact you shortly or you can contact them directly with given contact details. Thank you.