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Toyota Prado 120

for 1 week
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for 3 weeks
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for 1 month
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for 3 months
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for 6 months & Over
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0778484626 AFL Officer 1

0776848433 AFL Officer 2



Standard rates are only for 100km

These rates are not valied for forigners.

Customer to customer due to high demandspecially in session, availability, features, grade , model year , depreciation , mileage usage , risk assessment etc

Fleet specifications


Air conditioning

Automatic Shift

4 Doors

5 Seats

1 Suitcase & 1 Bags

Air Baloons

Fuel type: Petrol


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Recommended Extra Services

Baby Car Seat


Need a Driver


Unlimited Kilometers


Base on your requirement, We can arrange Kilometers packages Ex: 500, 1000 and unlimited etc.


Surfing Board


Mountain Bike


Mountain Bike Rack


Water Jet hire


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Dear valued customer, This is a tentative booking once u complete the booking accordingly an officer from Asia Fleet will contact you shortly or you can contact them directly with given contact details. Thank you.